Fostering Water Innovation in Scotland


The water sector in Scotland: market size research – turnover, jobs, exports and gross value added

The 2019 report, authored by Scottish Enterprise aims to understand the water sector in Scotland – turnover, jobs, exports and gross value added (GVA). It covers current R&D activity, current and historic economic performance, expected future performance, plans for growth and related drivers and barriers.

The report surveyed 123 Scottish companies and found that (as at April 2019) the water sector in Scotland provides 16,600 direct jobs and has a turnover of £3.7 billion and generates £1.7 billion of GVA for the Scottish economy. Scottish Water and one other larger water retailer generate approximately half of total water sector turnover but only 28% of jobs and 44% of GVA. The remainder is generated by the supply chain providing water sector technologies, products and services, water processing companies focusing on bottled water production, and the generation of hydroelectricity.

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