Fostering Water Innovation in Scotland


MIT Briefing – November 2017

Welcome to the November Market Intelligence and Technology Briefing delivered by the Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service (HNWIS). These briefings are published every six months and are here to provide you with information and intelligence on where innovation is needed in the water and wastewater sectors. Previous briefing documents can be found on the HNWIS website https://www.

HNWIS provides you with expertise, access to specialist support and facilities to accelerate you through the innovation journey and get your products to market quickly: a market estimated to be worth £1.8 billion. In this issue we focus on priority substances and on the challenges they represent for the water sector. The management of priority substances and other pollutants of similar concern offer important opportunities to water innovators in the Scottish landscape.

As a Member State of the European Union, the UK has an obligation to comply with the Environmental Quality Standards Directive (EQSD), strongly related to the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The two Directives jointly required the need to maintain and improve the quality status of water bodies, in which discharges of various types meet. In particular, a set of substances found at low concentrations but with potentially high impacts on water courses and health were regulated individually and progressively banned from the market. These and other substances require water and wastewater treatment operators to implement carefully monitoring and adequate treatment technologies.

The Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service, established by the Scottish Government through Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, identifies innovative Scottish companies, particularly SMEs, and supports them along the innovation path from concept to commercialisation. AECOM with support from WRc and UK Water Ltd will deliver the three-year programme.

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