Fostering Water Innovation in Scotland


Hydro International tests Hydro-Brake Drop at Bo’ness Development Centre

This case study shows the development of the Hydro International tests of their product Hydro-Brake® and how HNWIS has helped the company overcome some of the challenges such as validating existing design assumptions and extending the design range of the Hydro-Brake® Drop.

The study had three main objectives which were:

  • 1. To assess the rate of air entrainment over the various operating modes, in order to accurately predict system pneumatics
  • 2. To quantify oxygenation potential of the system and its impact on hydrogen sulfide levels
  • 3. To evaluate new inlet configurations in order to expand the range of scenarios in the requirement to drop wastewater from height through the product.

One of the ways to overcome the challenges that Hydro International faced, was to test their product using a Scottish Water Horizons testing facility that could validate their data to show its efficiency and effectiveness in a real wastewater testing facility.

Two instrumentation systems attached to the test rig monitored its performance for over 70 hours and the result of testing and provided data validation for the readings were collected.

This confirmed that the different configurations performed as predicted and allowed further extension of the applications for which the Hydro-Brake® Drop flow control can be designed.

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