Fostering Water Innovation in Scotland

Past Event

TWENTY65 Social Science of Water Network Event, Manchester – 25th March 2019

New knowledge and practices in the water sector: learning and sharing across the interpretive social sciences 

Water management is undergoing a transformation from being largely focused on technical problems and technical solutions, to an emphasis on collaboration with partners and public as a means to identify priorities and to achieve change.  The shifting focus of water governance has made the work of the interpretive social science more relevant to the water sector than previously.  This one-day colloquium seeks to describe, explore and share the nature of this change, with an overall goal of helping to build a community of interpretive social scientists of water across the UK and beyond.
Outline of day:
TWENTY65 are proud to welcome Veronica Strang (University of Durham), anthropologist and author of the seminal interpretive text ‘the Meaning of Water’ (Strang, 2004) to open the colloquium.  The event proceedings will conclude with reflections on how interpretive social science of water (from the day) is contributing to social science and to policy.  The former reflections will be led by Jamie Linton (Université de Limoges), historical geographer of water and pioneer of ideas about hydro-social water management (Linton, 2014; Linton and Budds, 2014); while Tom Handysides, Principal Strategic Advisor at OFWAT, will comment on the challenges and questions that the day has raised for policy.

Interpretive social science emphasises the various understandings and meanings that people have for a phenomena, for example, a water efficiency initiative.  ‘Interpretive social science’ overlaps with and is closely related to ‘critical’, ‘relational’ and ‘post-positivist’ social science.  The growing use of interpretive social science (and related approaches) is argued to be important in helping water managers to understand and work within the worlds of public engagement and policy-making

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