How we can help you

The Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service (HNWIS), established by the Scottish Government through Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise, identifies innovative Scottish companies, particularly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), and supports them along the innovation path from concept to commercialisation.

The service provides dynamic, proactive support and opportunities for innovative businesses in Scotland to create and grow sustainable solutions for the global water and waste water sector.

It’s a single access point to ensure businesses receive appropriate support and specialist advice from the relevant agencies as well as linking with existing research and academic networks in Scotland. Specifically the service contributes to taking near-market research developed by both businesses and research from academia, in this commercially lucrative sector, and translating it into tangible opportunities.

The service works intensively with businesses to provide technical and commercial support, encouraging technology innovations, leading to new and improved products and service and identifying market opportunities, both in the UK and worldwide, helping businesses to access these markets.

What we provide

Strategic intelligence and information
  • We bring market knowledge and sector expertise to provide a practical understanding of the various support agencies and their programmes.
  • We provide access to UK and worldwide commercial markets including a wide range of expertise and advice to innovators to identify and assist in product development opportunities.
  • We supply detailed listings of centres for research and testing through developing and building effective working relationships with the academia, research and testing bases.
  • We provide a comprehensive directory of worldwide industry related contacts, including water companies, regulators, industry related professional bodies and the relevant supply chain companies. The directory will be updated on a regular basis and will be available to all the HNWIS partners (subject to the Data Protection Act).
  • We publish specialist market intelligence reports and technology reports identifying future opportunities and encouraging new ideas for products.
  • We have a programme of events and workshops, developed in consultation with key stakeholders, businesses and academics to ensure the service is aligned to the needs of businesses and other key client groups.
  • We develop close working relationships with industry-led networks of partners and stakeholders, including universities, research institutes, end users, trade bodies and non- governmental organisations both in the UK and worldwide, to help grow the value of Scotland’s water resources.
  • We provide opportunities for collaborative working between businesses, clients, customers, innovators and other partners through an extensive network of contacts.
  • We deliver an international engagement plan in conjunction with Scottish Development International, Enterprise Europe Scotland and Scotland Europa to encourage collaborations between businesses, research institutes and governments resulting in supporting new international opportunities for the Scottish water and waste water sector.
Support and guidance
  • Our team of water industry specialists and experts have comprehensive knowledge of the wider water industry and related sectors in the UK and worldwide.
  • We support businesses through the development of their products / services from 'early stage' to 'near to market' helping to accelerate their innovation journey in conjunction with Scottish Enterprise and Highland and Island’s Enterprise Innovation Specialists and Account Management teams.
  • We provide one-to-one support and assistance in developing collaborative working relationships with relevant bodies including universities, test and demonstration centres and other partners.
  • We make funding opportunities and funding support networks visible, as well as providing support in gaining access to these.
  • We give guidance on and access to verification schemes and accreditation bodies to enable businesses to understand the range of available schemes and the value of obtaining the most appropriate accreditation.
  • Through national and international collaboration, we provide the opportunity to gain access to identified certified demonstration and testing sites.