Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service

Scotland is one of a few countries in the world with a publicly owned and operated water utility company, which has allowed the establishment and development of a diverse range of water companies. It has also provided Scotland with one of the world’s most innovative and resource efficient approaches to water management in the world.

The Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service (HNWIS) is part of the Hydro Nation Water Strategy published in 2012 and has been designed to support economic growth for Scotland through fostering innovation in the water Industry promoting partnering across industry on water related initiatives. The service will contribute directly to the Hydro Nation's goal of delivering economic gain to Scotland through the creation of new companies and new jobs that drive innovation in the water sector.

Through helping companies to develop innovative technologies, driving improved efficiency and reducing energy use, the scheme will help raise Scotland’s international profile as a leader in water innovation and management and will promote Scottish services at home and abroad.

The Hydro Nation Water Innovation Service aims to grow the water economy, create new businesses and jobs.

Derek Mackay, Minister for Transport and Islands